Gas, Phone and Stocks

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Some interesting numbers in 1997 and 2007:

Unlead Gas per gallon: 1997: $0.80 (Rolla, MO), 2007: $2.76 (St. Louis, as of today June 21), about 250% increase.

International call to China per minute: 1997: $0.76(LCI), 2007: $0.08 (AT&T Advantage,  quote from ipevo), $0.02 (Skype or phone cards). Or you can use VoIP from iTalkBB $24.99 plan which offers unlimited calls to China and a few other countries. Anyway it’s about 90% drop of price.

So how about stock prices in 10 years? I am using Verizon (No.2 US phone carrier) because AT&T was changed hand during in course. Verizon (VZ) is up 10.72% in last 10 years; Valero (VLO), No.1 US refiner, is up 747% in the same period. For the record, Vonage (VG), the largest VoIP provider in the US, lost 2/3 of its value in last 12 months.

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