The eBay Skype deal

Reading Time: < 1 minute eBay agreed to sell a majority stake of Skype to a consortium of private investors lead by Silver Lake Partners. (WSJ: EBay CEO: Skype Investors “Confident” of Work-Around Software, get it from Google if necessary). Silver lake is not new to me. Because they bought Seagate, and my former employer (hint: a major CAD/PLM software… Continue reading The eBay Skype deal

Gas, Phone and Stocks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some interesting numbers in 1997 and 2007: Unlead Gas per gallon: 1997: $0.80 (Rolla, MO), 2007: $2.76 (St. Louis, as of today June 21), about 250% increase. International call to China per minute: 1997: $0.76(LCI), 2007: $0.08 (AT&T Advantage,  quote from ipevo), $0.02 (Skype or phone cards). Or you can use VoIP from iTalkBB $24.99 plan which offers… Continue reading Gas, Phone and Stocks