Back to Shanghai (again)

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The local temperature is 29 to 38 Celsius, or 84.2 to 100.4 Farenheit.

Stock market: Shanghai composites is edging up to new high (at 4398.79 as of 10:25 AM July 30 local time).

I will talk about the craziness of “Crocs” in Shanghai later, and Sheng Jian Bao place.


I think I will miss a few things on the other side of the ocean (definitely not work):

Mad Money: Jim Cramer, I watched it more for entertainment, it also provides some perspective on market momentum, and some education

Tonight Show: Jay Leno

Late Night Show: David Letterman

Comedy Central: Jon Stewd, Colbert Report

FSN: Cardinals vs. the “bad guys”

NPR: I don’t listen to NPR as much as before, some of my favorite programs include market place, car talk

Panera bread: bagel

Ice cream: Oberweis, Ted Drews

MUNYs: the biggest musical outdoor show in the US, best of all, it’s free!

And most important of all, my friends in St. Louis 🙂

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