Sweet osmanthus in the air

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I don’t know if you notice this is 桂花 sweet osmanthus season again. On my way to work, I can smell it. Such as this one (on Changning Rd. near China Merchants Bank). I liked 桂花 because in my primary school, we used to have one or two trees, and we can smell it during the fall season. Of course the dried 桂花 is an important ingredient to make “Jiu Niang Yuan Zi” too.


Unrelated, the NBA guys are coming, so called King (Lebron James) and Orlando Magic are playing in Shanghai tonight. To me this is just a show from Nike. I can care less.

Also, I read an interesting article from 21世纪经济报道, the title is “Mutual fund heaven”. It talked why Edinburgh (Scottland) is the world center of mutual fund. One important factor: the peacefulness there. I copied a few paragraphs here.






You can read the full article here. I hope to visit Scottland in the near future.

But for now, starting tomorrow we will visit Lan’xi, see my wife’s families there. Until next time…

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