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Well, except Wall Street, I have plenty of people to be thankful about…

1) My parents and my family members: without you I will not be where I am today. Or maybe I will be an investor banker (more likely a financial analyst) in Shanghai? Just kidding.

2) My wife and her family members: there is something in life that could not be expressed by words. How about “same as above”?

3) My friends over the years (Wuhan, Shanghai, Rolla, STL< =>PVG): you know who you are. For the friendship, understanding and sharing.

4) My teachers, bosses and coworkers. Also for the understanding and sharing.

5) Warren Buffett, Philips Fisher and Peter Lynch (for sharing the investment wisdom);

Jim Cramer (for the entertainment);

Xu Hang/Li Xiting/Joyce Hsu (Mindray executives) for the hard work;

Ron Snyder (CEO of Crocs), keep up the good work and make CROX go back to where it was Pre 10/31/07, Ron !!!

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