What is this restaurant?

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LCD TV, Sofa
new McDonald

High chair bar style

new McDonald

Seats better than Starbucks
new McDonald
But I have to admit the carmel latte is not at Starbucks or Panara level, it’s more like the $1 capucino one can get from gas stations. So next time I will stick with the iced latte, which I tried last time, and I thought it was better…

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s a new McDonald near my home (Creve Coeur, MO), not your kids or grandma’s McDonald anymore…

Why McDonald is moving away from the kids/family concept? From what I heard from NPR this morning, one US demography trend is moving to smaller family: some young adults don’t want to have children, more empty nesters. I think this new McDonald store is particularly suited to that group. For me, I found it to be the better study place than Starbucks or Panera 🙂

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