Olympics is coming

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Amid all the craziness on oil, stock market and iPhone, yesterday I realized the Beijing Olympics is coming in 4 weeks, and it seems I can not go there for the event. Fortunately I got a piece of Olympics since 2004. In the picture below, at the left is a Coca Cola limited edition can made for torch relay in St. Louis (June 17 2004), at the right is a can features Beijing Olympics logo. Note Coca Cola is Olympics global sponsor (the highest level).


Maybe those politicians who said boycotting the opening ceremony can honor their words, and let me use their seats 🙂

PS, this morning Anhuser Busch (NYSE:BUD) agreed a friendly talk to InBev. Dah? So they held on one month plus all the rethorics/lawsuits to get the additional 5 bucks (from $65 to $70)? It seems August Busch IV. is NO his great grandfather (a true innovator in beer making and distribution). I feel sad for the SaveBudWeiser (warning: country music) guys. Were they being used to get the 5 more bucks for BUD shareholders 🙁

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