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PBS NewsHour doing weekly series on Saint Louis

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Yesterday was series one. The series is about the new stimulus package, economy and comparison of (1930s) new deal with current stimulus package. The first one showed many St. Louis landmark, such as St. Louis zoo, Forest Park (Jewel Box). I did not know many of those were built in 1930s (the New Deal).

StreamVideo link here.

It’s said that President will be here for a Townhall tomorrow (Wednesday), to get some feedback for his first 100 days. Suddenly, St. Louis is under spotlight.

Here is a link to “recent programs” at PBS NewsHour.

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Olympics is coming

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Amid all the craziness on oil, stock market and iPhone, yesterday I realized the Beijing Olympics is coming in 4 weeks, and it seems I can not go there for the event. Fortunately I got a piece of Olympics since 2004. In the picture below, at the left is a Coca Cola limited edition can made for torch relay in St. Louis (June 17 2004), at the right is a can features Beijing Olympics logo. Note Coca Cola is Olympics global sponsor (the highest level).


Maybe those politicians who said boycotting the opening ceremony can honor their words, and let me use their seats 🙂

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Olympics torch relay at Saint Louis in 2004

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Four years ago, I had the opportunity to witness the Olympics torch relay here in St. Louis. The city was chosen because it hosted the year 1904 Olympics here, the first Olympics in the US.

Olympics torch relay Saint Louis 2004
(The torch bearer was an old Olympian)

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Cardinals opening day

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Let’s take a break from the bad economy and stock market news, from China to US. Today is MLB opening day, St. Louis Cardinals will face Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium.

After living in St. Louis for more than 7 years (and in the show me state for more than 10), I started to appreciate the joy, the saddness,…Cardinals brings to the town. I believe St. Louis would not be as good without Cardinals: talking about the sports and the spirit of a city.

Cardinals St. Louis

Go Cards, Pujos, Carpenter, Wainwright and La Russa…and best wishes to Edmonds, Rolen and Eckstein in the new home!