What recession?

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Maybe things are not as bad as it seems. This afternoon we visited West County mall to check out things. We have not been to the malls for quite a while.

Apple Store
At the Apple store, I saw a big crowd as usual. This made me wondering: what recession? Although I am happy with my 2nd gen iPod Nano (refurbished), and have no plan to buy iPhone, I am sure there are plenty of people checking out the MacBook, new iPod Nano etc.

Maybe all these recession and 1930 depression talk was to get Congress pass the $700 b rescue bill?

Warning: don’t jump into AAPL stock simply from my observation. You could get hurt badly and I could not help you. Also, I don’t think we can judge the soundness of economy just by going to one mall. We need more economy and market data: job, interest rate, stock market and most importantly the credit market.

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