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What recession?

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Maybe things are not as bad as it seems. This afternoon we visited West County mall to check out things. We have not been to the malls for quite a while.

Apple Store
At the Apple store, I saw a big crowd as usual. This made me wondering: what recession? Although I am happy with my 2nd gen iPod Nano (refurbished), and have no plan to buy iPhone, I am sure there are plenty of people checking out the MacBook, new iPod Nano etc.

Maybe all these recession and 1930 depression talk was to get Congress pass the $700 b rescue bill?

Warning: don’t jump into AAPL stock simply from my observation. You could get hurt badly and I could not help you. Also, I don’t think we can judge the soundness of economy just by going to one mall. We need more economy and market data: job, interest rate, stock market and most importantly the credit market.

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Apple launches store in Beijing, earning

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Apple launched its first China store in Beijing last Saturday, with 2000 fans waiting outside, including some celebrity names such as Lu Yu (Phoenix TV), Cui Jian (China rock star) etc. You can see the scenes of Apple launch at Sina (Chinese), or preview pictures at David Feng. The Sina picture reminds me of the iPhone launch here in the US, a mob scene 🙂

The cult culture
Over the years Apple has this cult like culture among its fans. Looking at site such as MacRumors you will get an idea. While I think Apple products are generally very good, I don’t like their prices. It seems they are going to lower their prices, as they are expanding their market. This is a delicate problem for Apple because people usually got wooed to Apple because of its unique design, cool brand, and thus get the “being cool” status from friends. Now if Apple is everywhere, like iPod did, it loses that status. But Apple is going to pursue this route anyway, under the pressure from Wall Street. This can be shown in its earning forecast for next quarter.

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