What to DO and NOT_TO_DO in this market?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

NOT TO DO list first
1) Watch CNBC and other financial news and got confused, and worse got panic. Same goes to checking your brokerage acct or 401k acct every day;

2) Try to be the hero: pick up “cheap” financials, commodities, technology stocks simply because you think they are “cheap” compared to 2 weeks ago (without any own research);

3) Sold all the stock fund postions in 401k, and put it to cash. The chance is you will not be able to buy them back at the bottom;

4) Put the Greenbacks under your mattress 🙂

Things to do
1) Have some emergency cash and credit line (credit card and HELOC if possible);

2) Do the homework: reading words of Buffett and Munger (my list here). Find some quality name we can understand (or model using Munger’s word). I am thinking AMZN, RIMM now, not buying just watching. When the dust settles, and I have some free money, I will buy them at bargain price;

3) Continue to contribute to 401k, IRA: depends on your risk tolerance, put it in bond or stock funds you have trust in management.

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