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Time to do some homework, amid all these AIG bonus (Yahoo Tech-ticker; NY Times op ed), and toxic asset plan (Krugman vs. Geithner craziness). I decided to calm down and took a look at US Bank (bancorp) (NYSE: USB; company IR page).

Articles I read from seekingalpha

Amit Kumar: Bank stocks: invest or trade?

Martin Hutchinson (money morning): Wells Fargo and US Bancorp: hitch a ride with those two

Patrick Garot: Repaying TARP: life for USB and NTRS?

I learned about US Bank a few years ago after the FirstStar merger. My coworker told me that this is the only bank named after “US/United States” after Sept 11 (she implied no more bank will be approved using similar name). Later on I visited US bank branch with my roommate because he was US bank customer. I applied US bank visa card %0 balance transfer last year. They approved my card quickly and gave me a generous credit line 🙂

I will add my investment thesis later on.

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