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This “Wang Yang Bu Lao thing” on credit rating

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(Update) Big bro started to act now.

(Original) We all know the stock rating game: I mean those “buy”, “hold” and “sell” rating usually issued by sell side (brokeage) analysts. They are mostly not objective, because at the end of the day the dealers want to sell you more stocks, regardless they are good or bad. At the height of this analyst game is Goldman “conviction buy”, my question for them is why there are no “conviction sell”? Presumably, one can use a sell list to short stocks?

Oh well, Michael Lewis, the former Soloman bond salesman, described the analysts in his “Liar’ Poker” very well. So I won’t keep beat on them. My focus on this little article is on the credit rating (bond rating) game. We all know the credit rating agencies (agencies may have mislead some to think they are independent organization, they are really for-profit companies) have been under attack for the debale of housing/mortgage markets because they had been slept in the same bed with the issuers of MBS (mortgage backed securities).

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US Bancorp

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Time to do some homework, amid all these AIG bonus (Yahoo Tech-ticker; NY Times op ed), and toxic asset plan (Krugman vs. Geithner craziness). I decided to calm down and took a look at US Bank (bancorp) (NYSE: USB; company IR page).

Articles I read from seekingalpha

Amit Kumar: Bank stocks: invest or trade?

Martin Hutchinson (money morning): Wells Fargo and US Bancorp: hitch a ride with those two

Patrick Garot: Repaying TARP: life for USB and NTRS?

I learned about US Bank a few years ago after the FirstStar merger. My coworker told me that this is the only bank named after “US/United States” after Sept 11 (she implied no more bank will be approved using similar name). Later on I visited US bank branch with my roommate because he was US bank customer. I applied US bank visa card %0 balance transfer last year. They approved my card quickly and gave me a generous credit line 🙂

I will add my investment thesis later on.