DTV day, PBS and NPR

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Today is DTV day, the analog TV will be turned off and the local TV stations will broadcast digital signals only. Go to for the government coupon Digital TV converter box and other information.

Local PBS station (KETC) is running short of funds recently, partly due to the recession, corporate underwriting and viewer donations declined quite a bit. Similar situation is facing KWMU, local NPR station. I am both a fan of PBS and NPR, the programs I paid attention to is Nightly Business News (NBR), and MarketPlace at NPR. The reasons I like them is: they are much better than those Mad Money, Fast Money and other programs on CNBC. I used to watch quite a bit Mad Money for entertainment, but unfortunately it influenced my thinking, from time to time. In the past year I still watch them, but with a much critical mind.

Of course judging a program good or not depends on one’s expectation. I don’t expect I get “tips” there and make money right away from the market. On the other hand, the experts (I would rather call them “fortune tellers”) at CNBC (Fast Money, Mad Money, plus many guests) try to give that information, but in reality I think more people lose money from their suggestions than making money.

I think a lot financial web sites also are full of craps, and to some extent, many financial advisers don’t know what they are talking about. They either make money from selling information, or management fees.

What does a real investor do? He/she sit on his/her ass, reading, analyzing, making investment decisions, and just go fishing (if there is no good opportunities around).

BTW, I did my small part to KWMU, my favorite radio station today. I think the information I got there is worth my money 🙂

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