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Year end tax tips 2009

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NBR at PBS is running a series of year end tax tips (link here). My take is in investing, taking gain/loss should first based on the investments prospectus (how you think your investments will work in the future), the tax should be secondary consideration. It is still important because in some cases you want to make sure you have enough cash to pay the tax from tax gain. With this in mind, here is the first video of the series. This one is about capital gain.

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I found this program when doing research for Huntsman (NYSE:HUN). I found value investor Jean Marie Eveillard has a little of Huntsman stocks at gurufocus. Noticed there are some video clips for Jean Eveillard in this gurufocus web page, including one from YouTube.

So I looked around and found this program.

WealthTrack Podcast
Here is the web site:

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DTV day, PBS and NPR

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Today is DTV day, the analog TV will be turned off and the local TV stations will broadcast digital signals only. Go to for the government coupon Digital TV converter box and other information.

Local PBS station (KETC) is running short of funds recently, partly due to the recession, corporate underwriting and viewer donations declined quite a bit. Similar situation is facing KWMU, local NPR station. I am both a fan of PBS and NPR, the programs I paid attention to is Nightly Business News (NBR), and MarketPlace at NPR. The reasons I like them is: they are much better than those Mad Money, Fast Money and other programs on CNBC. I used to watch quite a bit Mad Money for entertainment, but unfortunately it influenced my thinking, from time to time. In the past year I still watch them, but with a much critical mind.

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The experts at Nightly Business Report

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Any good financial TV program like the MarketPlace at NPR?

I saw this question at the famous bbs at mit. Personally I think Nightly Business Report at PBS is a good source. They are not perfect, sometimes they are even boring, like the “Stocks in the News” segement where Paul kangas usually just reports Pfizer goes up 10 cents, Microsoft goes down 5 cents…But consider the other financial TV media we got, is CNBC better? To me they merely made more noise 🙂

I think determining whether a TV program is good or not, a lot depends on one’s expectation. Personally I don’t expect I get information there, and (apply that information) making money right away from the market.

I think the “fortune tellers” at CNBC (Fast Money, Mad Money, plus many guests) try to give that information, but in reality I think more people lose money from their suggestions than making money.

Couple month ago Jon Stewart (the host of Daily Show at Comedy Central) vs. Jim Cramer (the host of Mad Money at CNBC) explains the problem with CNBC.

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PBS NewsHour doing weekly series on Saint Louis

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Yesterday was series one. The series is about the new stimulus package, economy and comparison of (1930s) new deal with current stimulus package. The first one showed many St. Louis landmark, such as St. Louis zoo, Forest Park (Jewel Box). I did not know many of those were built in 1930s (the New Deal).

StreamVideo link here.

It’s said that President will be here for a Townhall tomorrow (Wednesday), to get some feedback for his first 100 days. Suddenly, St. Louis is under spotlight.

Here is a link to “recent programs” at PBS NewsHour.

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Response on Geithner Plan

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Toxic asset plan, or Public Private Investment Partnership (PPIP).

Charile Rose
Hedge fund manager’s perspective: Daniel Alpert is a managing director of Westwood Captial and Thomas F Steyer is Co-Managing Partner of Farallon Capital Management (total about 22 mins)

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