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Via Podcast. Partially inspired by an idea suggested at bbs. But I want to automate it a bit more, here is the software: DopplerRadio. It has both iTune and Windows (Media Player) version. Here is a detailed Windows guide written by Jake Ludington.

The MarketPlace RSS feed is:

The same site also has feed to MartkPlace Morning Report etc.

After download it (the mp3) to PC, I did “sync” (Windows Media Player Sync) it to my Nokia 5800 so that I can listen to it when joggling. It worked beautifully.

Now I started to look at “Music Player” icon on Nokia 5800, I found there is this Podcast icon sits besides Music Player. So I will try that “direct” option next time, saving some hoops 🙂

Bonus material: how to burn music from CD to Nokia 5800

2 steps: CD => PC => phone

step 1: how to import CD collections to windows media player the right way (rip);

step 2: Choose Media Sync on Nokia 5800 (sync with Windows Media Player).

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