A new way to listen to NPR marketplace

Reading Time: < 1 minute Via Podcast. Partially inspired by an idea suggested at bbs. But I want to automate it a bit more, here is the software: DopplerRadio. It has both iTune and Windows (Media Player) version. Here is a detailed Windows guide written by Jake Ludington. The MarketPlace RSS feed is: http://feeds.americanpublicmedia.org/MarketplacePodcast The same site also has feed… Continue reading A new way to listen to NPR marketplace

Amazon Endless New Promotion

Reading Time: < 1 minute I saw this when I was doing some research on Amazon (AMZN). They are giving away $5 for overnight shipping. This is very ineresting because normally the online merchants will do free shipping. But Amazon is always innovative. On serious note, I think Amazon is interesting because people usually think Google is the king of… Continue reading Amazon Endless New Promotion