Nokia 5800 XM: video playback, game, bluetooth and podcast

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I got to play more with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (XM) phone in the weekend. The following are the things I tried.

1) Video playback: I found there are some Nokia sample videos and a .wmv video (transferred from my PC Windows media player). Both played without problem. However, when I copied some Apple Dev movie (mpeg-4 format?), it only plays the audio.

2) Game: the Bounce game comes with the phone is a bit challenging for me, as you may know I don’t play computer or smartphone game often.

3) Bluetooth headset: I bought a Nokia Bluetooth BH-102 headset from ($3 after main-in rebate) a while ago. I believe there is still deal going on at ($3) or ($1). That the first time I used a bluetooth headset. Initially I did not know how to turn on the headset (press the button for a while), after I reading the instruction and figured out that, things are fairly smooth. The only thing I found is the sound gets a bit fuzzy after I talked on BT headset for an hour. Maybe it ran out of memory (how to find out that, BTW ???).

4) I also tried to subscribe Podcast directly using the phone (instead of download files to PC, and then sync). I searched NPR, and subscribed to “story of the day” Podcast. The other NPR Podcast I like is “the business story of the day”. Both only takes 3 and a half minutes, but very interesting.

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