Nokia 5800 XM: video playback, game, bluetooth and podcast

Reading Time: < 1 minute I got to play more with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (XM) phone in the weekend. The following are the things I tried. 1) Video playback: I found there are some Nokia sample videos and a .wmv video (transferred from my PC Windows media player). Both played without problem. However, when I copied some Apple Dev… Continue reading Nokia 5800 XM: video playback, game, bluetooth and podcast

Another Nokia 5800 deal at Dell Small biz

Reading Time: < 1 minute This one. Use coupon code TP2GK4X1DTX0C8 (expires June 3) during check out. It comes out $229 + tax (after $50 mail-in rebate). Slightly cheaper than Amazon ($290 after $50 main-in rebate). Dell also offers Nokia N85 at $247 + tax (with $50 main-in rebate). Reviews: GSMArena; BrightHand. Discussions “N85 or 5800XM”: phonegg; Nokia discussion forum.

Some Nokia Smartphone deals from Dell

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update May 25) The offer expired on late night May 22 when I was comparing N85 with Nokia 5800. However, one can find lightly used ones at eBay for about $230 to $250. Found this Nokia N85 Reviews from theNokiaBlog: Nokia N85 Review – Part 1 The Physical; Top 5 Reasons Why Nokia N85 Is… Continue reading Some Nokia Smartphone deals from Dell

Returning TARP

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s payback time. Now that “green shoots” are everywhere, many banks, big or small, want to return the TARP money. It seems to me this government effort rescuing the financial system is pretty much like miracle, only 6 months ago, I remember it was like the sky was falling. Now everyone is healthy, at least… Continue reading Returning TARP

T-mobile Nokia 1661 phone

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update) The phone sold by T-mobile USA appears only works in the US. See the spec at Nokia USA web site here. Quote the spec “Operating frequency Dual-band GSM 850/1900 MHz”. (Original) Saw the deal from dealsea. Here is the link to T-mobile. Nokia European site has more details spec for the phone. It looks… Continue reading T-mobile Nokia 1661 phone

Weekend thoughts w/e Apr 19 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes Currency effects While we are heading to $4 gas (partly thanks the weak dollar), not all are victims of this trend. Think Google or IBM. Google (GOOG) and IBM reported blow out earning, while cell phone maker Nokia (NOK) reported so-so earning (or outlook) last week. One key difference is the reported currency, Google and… Continue reading Weekend thoughts w/e Apr 19 2008

China Mobile, Nokia, Apple, Motorola

Reading Time: 2 minutes I started pay attention to the mobile phone and service providers lately. In fact I bought some China Mobile (CHL) shares about 2 weeks ago (bought it a bit early again 🙂 Nokia: the balance Nokia is the No. 1 brand in China as shown in baidu Shouji (cell phone) report. One thing I noticed… Continue reading China Mobile, Nokia, Apple, Motorola

Arcelor Mittal: 200 bagger in 5 years

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mittal is the largest steel maker in the world. I happened to watch the CNBC interview of its CEO this morning. I checked the chart  (Google Finance) of Arcelor Mittal (MT), it went up 2129% in 5 years. I also happened to see the Nokia (NOK), a stock I traded in 2004, it went up 132% in 5 years.… Continue reading Arcelor Mittal: 200 bagger in 5 years