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I found this program when doing research for Huntsman (NYSE:HUN). I found value investor Jean Marie Eveillard has a little of Huntsman stocks at gurufocus. Noticed there are some video clips for Jean Eveillard in this gurufocus web page, including one from YouTube.

So I looked around and found this program.

WealthTrack Podcast
Here is the web site: www.wealthtrack.com

I remember PBS used to have a weekly show called Wall Street Week, it ended in 2005. Incidentally I found this one yesterday, it’s even better than the Wall Street Week, because I like its conversasion format program: the hostess talks to a guest (who is usually a professional money manager) in the program. Like Charile Rose, if you will. I like it not because I think all the words said by guests are correct, but the conversation helps/makes me to think.

Another good thing is they have Podcast for this, both audio and video. You can go to their Podcast web page to set it up, or manually type in the podcast feed as below:

audio ((for iPod, Zune, Zen, and any other MP3 player):

Portable video (iPod, iPhone, Zune, Sony PSP, Zen, any other MP4 player):

I set it up in my Nokia 5800 in less than a minute.

The two July shows (Pimco Bill Gross and First Pacific Advisors Robert Rodriguez) are esp. good, in my humble opinion. Keep in mind they don’t talk much about individual stocks, but more macro issues, and sometime in the program a guest will talk about strategy (in general).

The program is available in some PBS TV stations and some radio stations in this country (not here in St. Louis). I just thought podcast is the way to go in terms of its flexibility.

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