Some thoughts after seeing movie “Up in the Air”

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(Update 04Feb10) Watched the “Outsourced” movie from Netflix on Feb 02 night, quite interesting. It has a similar theme with “Up in the Air”.

(Original) Went to see movie “Up in the Air”. That’s the first time my wife and I went to see a movie. We figured time is running out for us to go cinema in the near future as we expect our new baby this March.

Couple thoughts after seeing the movie:

1) About economy, job market and future of American middle class (I think working class is a more precise word).
There are a lot of optimism among pundits on the economy outlook in 2010. From my past experience, most of the short term predications will turn out to be wrong. Long term, I think the US workforce will continue to face competition from globalization, outsourcing and off-shoring. This has some implications: a) There will be fewer cases of life time employment for same company (organization), due to the up and downs of economy cycle, and competition from emerging economies; b) On the other hand, don’t think this trend is all negative for US economy. Innovation, hard work and entrepreneurship will still be rewarded.

2) About St. Louis.
There are a lot of scene taken at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. For many young people Lambert airport does not mean much, there are few (if any) international flights, but as the movie said, this is where Charles Lindbergh started “aviation-history-first” cross atlantic flight. The design of Lambert inspired New York JFK, and Paris de Gaulle.

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