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Forget today’s Google China news for a minute. We are at very interesting times in terms of technology, from apps, cloud (web based) computing (online data backup, for one), to net book, smart phone, e-readers, smart book and tablet. The past week’s CES showed us the explosion of a lot of hardwares I mentioned above (plus many new mashups: hybrid devices). I did not attend the CES, but I found the CEO interviews at AllThingsD to be interesting, e.g., Palm CEO.

(Source: allThingsD video)

From investing/speculation point of view, I think PALM is at interesting point because Verizon will start to sell it on Jan 25.


But that does not solve many challenges we had in computing, such as email spams. The other day I read an interesting piece from my friend Wang Jianshuo, Two Consistent Internet Companies. He is posing an interesting question (let me quote):

Who knows what Yahoo! look like in another 13 years? Is it still accessible?

Interestingly enough, I was thinking along the same line a few days ago. Considering I have used Yahoo Mail for last 10+ years, I am thinking hard on contingency plan. Not to mention today’s Google news.

browser review: IE, Firefox, Safari, ChromeNew features in Firefox (3.0), Safari, Chrome I like
auto complete web address (from previous history), something initially don’t like, but get used to now.

Chrome: slowness mostly from shockwave player (just shut it down). However, I have experienced a very nasty crash on Chrome recently, and I decided to use Firefox (3.0) instead.

IE 7: it will crash the app (looks like more like Adobe Flash Player issue, Chrome allows one slow tab to be closed). Have not tried IE 8, the word is it also supports “closing slow responding tab”.

Safari: slower than Chrome and Firefox, also if it hangs (e.g., Flash player), the whole app is unresponsive. Had to kill it “forcefully”.

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