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Tech overview: cloud computing and smart phone

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Forget today’s Google China news for a minute. We are at very interesting times in terms of technology, from apps, cloud (web based) computing (online data backup, for one), to net book, smart phone, e-readers, smart book and tablet. The past week’s CES showed us the explosion of a lot of hardwares I mentioned above (plus many new mashups: hybrid devices). I did not attend the CES, but I found the CEO interviews at AllThingsD to be interesting, e.g., Palm CEO.

(Source: allThingsD video)

From investing/speculation point of view, I think PALM is at interesting point because Verizon will start to sell it on Jan 25.


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AllThingsD the D7 conference

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Walt Mossberg talks about his overall impression of the conference, Walt is the conference organizor, and he is also the tech writer for WSJ besides his involvement to AllThingsD and D conferece (both owned by WSJ, I think).
(both videos from Yahoo Tech-ticker)

And his comments on Palm Pre (this one could cause some anxiety on Palm shareholders 🙂

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