Throw fits

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This afternoon (Friday afternoon), as a recent custom, both my wife and I went to school to pick up our daughter. My wife was pretty happy, until she saw Serenity started to cry as soon as she saw mom. The reason, she felt we went there too early, and she just started some drawing project. The teacher tried to help, to no vail. The kids tried to persuade her, no help. Being a extremely thin skinned person, my wife wants to leave. We managed to take her out, she still cries cries cries.

Once a while, not very often, our daughter does this when we picked her up. Reason varies. Not wanting to leave is one. Also sometimes she is just tired (probably she did not get much nap after lunch). Anyway, those things sometimes could seem embarrassing, as kids just cannot stop crying, or throw fits. But looking at another way, that’s just a part of their growing processing. Not all kids do this. But I imagine many kids once a while hit a rough patch. As parents or teachers, we just need to have a lot of patience.

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