It’s Friday again

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This afternoon (actually more like evening), on linkedIn I was surprised to find that the company I used to work for has laid off its CIO (chief information officer). I remember we talked about I joined the company in late 2011. I left the company about 2 years ago, to pursue better opportunities. Also I knew the company was not doing well financially. It seems now it’s becoming more and more difficult for the company to survive. Note it’s more like industry wide problem, not isolated the company. Management could do something, but once a fatal mistake made by former CEO (buy another company at market top using borrowed money), there is very little current management can do.

Also, from I found a former colleague of mine, we started on the same day on a small software (custom development) company 5 years ago, and he left the company a year later, and found he has driving trucks for a while after that stint.

Last but not least, I saw my neighbor when he came back from work, and just exchanged “hellos”, and he said it’s Friday 🙂

(11-12-2015) Tomorrow will be friday again. Today I happened to see the website I worked on and put quite a bit effort went live, here it is. It’s a mixed feeling for me, because I left the company and the team a few months ago, shortly after the direction of the project changed. It’s good to see the project finally pulled up and it even got 2 mobile apps, cool 🙂

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