Mental health break

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Two more off days for the kids and teachers before thanksgiving holidays. Please note I still have 2 vacation days to cover it (also I WFH full time since March 2020 pandemic shutdown). Btw, I heard mental health break is getting popular among school districts (public schools), so there is peer pressure there. || The other day I heard from a podcast in which the author asked a bunch of billionaires (or millionaires, rich people, also with kids grown up): what’s your biggest regret? The answer is they wish they have spent more time with their kids when the kids were young. I can feel that: I think Sophia will let me hold her like a baby for at most one year or two. I enjoy every minute I spend with my kids: even if / when they consistently asks me “daddy, when will Roblox be back?” (the answer is I don’t know, as daddy don’t work for them…[捂脸])

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