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Dentist is usually not the person people like to see. But at the same time, dental health is both important aspect of personal health, as well as important perception (impression) in the professional world. Since my background and bad habit (grow up in China, and never truly serious about dental health when I was young), it’s an issue that I tried to get away but at the same time I could not. So long story short, I was seeing a dental periodontist at the recommendation of my general dentist. After consultation, and I did the scaling (to clean up plaques between gum and the teeth), and they recommended some newer tools and suggest I do daily clean better. Here are some of new gadgets I just had or bought.

Oral-B iO Series 9 Electric Toothbrush (link is Amazon Smile link).

GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brushes, Wide

GUM – 872FC6 Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brushes, Tight

and better floss Gum Butlerweave floss

I am also trying to do a better job each day after eating. And I only did this for 2 weeks, and I can say I feel better.

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