Rough day and week, student loan forgiveness and math is brutal too

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First: I am happy to say the kids to back to school. In the last 2 weeks before school starts, some days Sophia really got bored, and she let me know that. She asked me to to buy the humming bird feeder, among other things.

I recall the days I shopped at Sears (hint, a while ago, not much since Sophia was born, aka from 2014).

The stock marker of last Friday and the week can be better summarized in the two tweets below. I do understand the economy usually has cycles and the federal reserve has a tough job to balance the employment and inflation. But at the same time it seems sometimes things are so obvious and I just don’t understand how they could miss the most recent inflation cycle by dismiss it as “transitory”. They are paid to do that job. Or sometimes it’s the politics got in the way? Nobody wants to be the boy who cries wolf coming (and it turns out to be false).

and this one on tech stocks in particular, as they are under assault from the fed raising the interest rate.

I noticed CNBC did another special Friday evening too. Personally I no longer pay attention like I did back in 2008/2009 the financial crisis days. Maybe a good sign as I no longer tune much into the “market turmoil” and I am more calm and doing my own research now.

There are tons of tweets, and controversy on the federal student loan forgiveness. Legality, fairness etc. aside, personally I think it can potentially help out quite a few people, and many of them are hard working and earned this. One interesting and probably more meaningful policy is the capping of loan interest and payment tied to a person’s income. Also the WH “this you?” series of tweets.

And when I am searching through my tweets archive, I happened to find this one too.

As I said in my previous post on compounding, the debt piled up via the snowball effect too. So anything we can do to minimize or reduce the debt, it could have impact on people’s real lives.

Separately, I had discussion with Serenity on student loan too: I said I will pay for her college.

Last but not least, I googled why there is no term limits to the legislators. It seems constitution related.

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