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The three legacy social networks 🙂

I have been using the 3 for a while, since 2008 to be precise. I started using LinkedIn after I switched job in Nov 2008 (amid financial crisis), because I realized I want to look for a developer job quickly after I jumped ship. I cannot remember the reasons I joined Facebook and Twitter. But both companies are under tremendous pressure nowadays, and both have lots of issues in terms of “doom scrolling” as well as their business model: the longevity of companies. For Twitter, bought by the worst richest person Elon Musk could have many implications as he was very much unpredictable. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is in full control of the company (Meta) and there were lots of controversies in recent years as well.

I think some people probably just live on FB, LinkedIn or Twitter. I don’t use much the newer and cooler social media such as TikTok, instagram or Snapchat. I may be too old for these. In addition to this blog, I am explorring the following, both on written and video contents:

  1. Medium
  2. YouTube (video and community). YouTube has a feature of custom handle: I still need to think about it (major1xu or oliveCapital)
  3. Substack (noticed Substack has some relationship with Twitter).

PS: I am thinking minimize the use of WeChat too, and use LINE instead.

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