Authentic asian food in the STL area

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You got to eat. I mean we can eat at the Panda Express for Chinese food once a while, but not everyday. Here is some of the places we go these days and I will put a quick one line or 2 comments. In Alphabetical order.

Cate Zone: I like their 地三鲜 (this is a very traditional northeastern China dish, made of potato etc)

Corner 17: probably the most popular place in St. Louis in terms of Chinese food. The waiting time is too long. My girls will order bubba tea here (and I don’t like their bubba tea btw, it has too much/strong edible essence). I did quite a bit takeout during pandemic, and sometimes the kids eat at the parking lot near that place.

Fire Chicken (Seamless, Facebook): fairly new Korean food place. Near where I live.

Midtown Sushi and Ramen: my girls are ramen fans. They have the best ramen in St. Louis, I think. Please note the hour (they close between 3 and 5 pm, and also they close on Monday).

Nudo: I am okay with their noodle. But my wife doesn’t 🙁

SenThaiBistro: downtown STL, a friend went there, and the ramen looks good on the WeChat photo.

Sharesweet (GrubHub): this is my wife’s favorite place. Note they only do bubble tea and deserts on regular days/time, and they take orders for specials (food) and one can pick up on Saturday (the preferred payment is cash for that).

*Sides of Seoul: my favorite Korea food place now 🙂 Note they only take phone calls. I go there and pickup because I live nearby.

St. Louis bubble tea (Olive road): we all like their pork chop rice and noodles. We have been to this place since Serenity was very little.

STL Soup Dumplings (and its sister store Tiger Soup Dumplings at South County): both are good. New places, and the soup dumplings are tasty. Note don’t burn your tongue with the soup 🙂

ThaiSawadee: at Chesterfield, been there quite a few times over the years. Yummy noodle soup but be careful don’t burn your tongue.

Tai’ke: again my wife doesn’t like them very much probably because some of their food is too greasy or spicy. But I still like them (I eat Panda Express once a while too :-). Kids have their favorites there too. We still need to try their Shabu Shabu in the restaurant.

*I am not taking any kickbacks from the mentioned restaurant, other than once the Sides of Seoul did give me a Korea snacks/deserts on Thanksgiving. 🙂

Btw, found my 18 year old post here: Major’s list in 2005 🙂