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(Update 11-22-2023) I think one of the main competitor for Jack Henry is Fidelity Information Services ($FIS), and it seems something happened in mid 2021, and FIS start underperforming against Jack Henry from that time. See the 20 year stock chart above. It looks like the WorldPay acquisition was the main culprit here (Reuters: FIS takes $17.6 billion hit in merchant unit to be spun off).

(Original 10-2023) I noticed from Twitter (X) that Jack Henry is doing its user (customer) conference tomorrow. I also noticed a few companies are doing exhibits there, think they are an eco system and the vendors (big or small) are participating. This reminds me a while ago (in year 2005?) when eBay was hot, and I looked around for the vendors for eBay, small software that integrates with eBay etc. This is similar. I tried to add them to my Twitter list – but I feel this is not as good as the #JHConnect hash tag.

Also, I saw quite a few jobs at Jack Henry at LinkedIn. I saw dev jobs range from COBOL (mainframe) to Node.js

Also, I just noticed I talked about Jack Henry back in 2007. But I picked the wrong horse. That was the time I just got married and my wife and I were going to the states (I blame my wife for this). Joking. Seriously I only blame myself for my stupid mistake. The other horse Longtop Financial turns out to be a fraud, btw. It’s very important that we invested in a sound / fiscally conservative business, note the fraud or impropriety is quite common in the US based companies too, from Enron to WorldCom, as well as Chesapeake Energy. I didn’t touch the first two, but I paid attention to the Chesapeake and I may traded in its late years. I also recall Chesapeake usually has 1 million or so cash (or even lower) at the end of each quarter. Its’ not a lot money for such a large and glamorous company.

Separately, I learned quite a bit new information on Israel, Palestine.

Also, I learned something new on the stock market game, as well as trying to teach my kids on investing.

Stay away from Bitcoin and cryptos, friends.


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