Recently I learned more on Israel, Palestine

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Amid the recent events, and I listened and watched quite a bit of YouTube videos and read a bit Twitter (now X) and some articles. It’s a complex issue and my only hope is we lose as fewer civilians as possible. I believe all lives are equal and unfortunately quite a few other people (some are powerful people) don’t agree with me.

(Update 10-29-2023) Now the Israel and IDF is on the grounds of Gaza, and I believe their stated goal is the elimination of Hamas (YT video by CBS News). I don’t know. The US tried to do essentially the same thing in Afghanistan in terms of Taliban and while the US was successful initially, about 20 years later, with the US troop withdrawal the Taliban took over Afghanistan again. The US did similar things in the Iraq war: one difference is the Iraq war is optional in my opinion (and 20 senators’ opinion too, as they voted against the war in year 2002).

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