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Reading Time: 3 minutes Not intend to be a political topic. At least I am not interested in starting a debate around politics. In reverse chronicle order. Please navigate away or close the tab as you see fit. Ukraine: don’t know. The congress may or may not pass the new aid bill. Right now it’s stuck in the house

March 31, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute Amid the recent events, and I listened and watched quite a bit of YouTube videos and read a bit Twitter (now X) and some articles. It’s a complex issue and my only hope is we lose as fewer civilians as possible. I believe all lives are equal and unfortunately quite a few other people (some

October 15, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes 今天09/26/23 礼拜二美国总统拜登成为第一个在任总统正式加入美国汽车工人工会(UAW)的举牌子走路活动。但是凭我在美二十多年的观察,美国工会包括UAW的力量比克林顿当总统时应该是变弱了。美国的工会在历史上对劳苦大众的工资待遇是有帮助的:比如说煤矿的工会。我自己大概十一年前在煤炭公司上过班,我是白领,有一回我去参观了地下煤矿,据说这个是在美国算是非常先进的地下煤矿了,但是在地下总的感觉是非常不好。我想到工人他们在地下吃中饭,我们所谓的管理人员在办公室吃 Director of Business Process Improvement 让秘书准备的 Chicken Salad Sandwich. If you are curious about the daily lives in West Virginia and the coal mines there, there are quite a few videos on YT such as this one. 记得大概20年前,村里grocery store 的packers and cashiers 也举牌子走路。我也支持她们,not crossing picket line. 就去中国店或是Aldi 买菜。我个人印象较深的是有一回美国UPS 工人罢工,那次好像影响较广。好像也是我刚来美国不久,August 1st – August 19,

September 26, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I saw the flag was lowered at a local bank, and I knew it’s the 22nd anniversary of Sept-11, 2001, and I still remember that day. That morning, I was watching TV before going off to work, and it appears to me something hit the twin tower, and there was helicopter responding to the

September 11, 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes After 15 years, I mean the social media, not a job or something. I never worked for them. Although looking back I should have joined them back in 2008, or at least trying to apply for a job there, and get some stocks. Why I am leaving: In two words: Elon Musk. Elon created a

April 11, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes American healthcare systems are probably the most convoluted healthcare system in the world. The US probably has the world most advanced medical device and pharmaceuticals industry, many brilliant doctors and great hospitals, e.g., the BJC hospital in the St. Louis area, which is one of the top research hospital in the USA. At the same

November 19, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes iPhone Health 深度好文:台湾为何与我们渐行渐远?原文作者:廖信忠 (baidu) || I just noticed the article from Twitter. Also noticed A City of Sadness (悲情城市) from the comments. Personally my earlier view on re-union between mainland and Taiwan was shattered after seeing the Russia / Ukraine war since Feb 24, 2022. And it also reminded me of the recent Zero Covid

August 7, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been in the US since 1997, and I have seen plenty of disfunction or ugliness of the US politics, mainly on the executive branch and legislative branch. Things from the Bill Clinton Lewinsky scandal, mainly his lying and the subsequent impeachment, to George W Bush’s mishandling of Iraq war and probably a lot

June 26, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute 来美国已有十年, 美国大选也经历了三届. 从两千(1999)年的布什, 戈尔佛罗里达选举大战, 到最后最高法院介入. 套用我前同事的话, 最高法院(注意: 不是老百姓)选了布什. 2004年, 民主党想夺回白宫, 不少仁人志士跃跃欲试, 参与初选. 先是狄恩(HOWARD DEAN), 这老兄本是医科出身, 偶然的机会参政, 任美国东北部佛蒙特州长十余年, 倒是把这个东北农业州治理得井井有条. 想必也与医生出身, 做事理性务实有关. 他在任内最主要成就, 是实现了州财政盈余. 要知道在他当政之前该州多年财政赤字. 言归正传, 狄兄作为小州的州长, 虽有政绩, 但是缺少资金和全国的名气. 他想到了一招, 用网络来传播他的施政纲领和筹款. 还记得MEETUP.COM, 这个(网上)组织聚会的网站, 当时的名气有点像现在的YOU TUBE. 不知道是DEAN和MEETUP是谁帮谁出了名, 结果是DEAN筹的款最多. IOWA(衣阿华)CAUCUS之前, 戈尔大哥也宣布支持DEAN. 看来民主党提名是非DEAN莫属. 民意调查也显示DEAN领先.

February 23, 2008
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