Does iPhone make you happy?

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Dynamic Island on newer iPhones

I think this is true for my 13-year-old. Yesterday evening I gave my 2-year-old iPhone 12 to her after I migrated everything to my new iPhone 15. And she was happy to see the missed text messages (friend’s b-day party invitations), and the never-ending YT Shorts 🙂

Again I am thankful that she accidentally broke it so I can enjoy 15 a few months earlier. My original plan is to get it around Christmas. A tangible difference is the new phone has a new battery and it can last a bit longer 🙂

There are a lot of talks and a lot of worried parents on the endless scroll of TikTok and YT Shorts. Instagram and Snapchat. I think consume everything (or most everything) in moderation. Perhaps alcohol is something I should be more careful 🙂

This morning, after I did the Math Fact Scholars at my 9-year-old’s school, my phone started to play music, and it’s the “moments” in the iPhone photo app, featuring the families (kids) in the forest park over the years (goes back to 2016, or more). That’s also one reason I came back to my iPhone in year 2016. Btw, free career advice (or happiness advice): don’t switch smartphone when you start a new job 🙂 A side note: my 1st boss at the credit card co likes to use the word “career” for “career level”. Personally I felt I learned quite a bit while at the credit card co: one is to be myself (not to be someone else); another one is “career” is overrated. Personal health and family are much more important. I learned (or realized) that I was about to be laid off at about 15 minutes before my meeting with my 2nd boss and the HR people there: after I worked my tail off (or pull all the stops, take your pick) for them 🙁

Recently I hear something like this: engineers (and scientists) make things, artist (designers) sell things (think Steve Jobs and Job Ives, the designer of many things Apple over the years).

PS: think more about the “happiness” that was recently talked about by Lorna at the college application seminar. I think pleasant surprises (e.g., the moments in the iPhone photo app) or simple things (think the Amazon package box is a good example) are two sources. I do agree with what Lorna said: my 9-year-old won’t have long-term interest in toys such as the remote cars. She can play with it for a day or 2 before I can start thinking about selling it on eBay.

Accessories I bought for my new iPhone 15

Note: below are Amazon links, but I am not receiving any commissions from them 🙂

Apple iPhone 15 Silicone Case with MagSafe – Black: I paid about $25 for this at ​​​​​​​ (this is Apple office accessory and is also available both at and store, at a bit higher price)

Apple EarPods Headphones with USB-C Plug, Wired Ear Buds with Built-in Remote to Control Music, Phone Calls, and Volume (same price at – I know I know, some may question: why wired EarPods in todays’ post AirPods world? Good question. I think EarPods do have some advantages over AirPods: especially if we don’t need to run or jog, or walk around the room during a tele conference or a Zoom meeting. Plus it uses less battery from an iPhone (again it uses wire instead bluetooth), for that matter, sometimes the AirPods run out of battery too.

Anker USB C Charger Cable [2 Pack, 6ft], 310 Type C Charger Cable Fast Charging, Braided USB A to USB C Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Note 9/S10+ S10, LG V30 (USB 2.0, Black)

Btw, my 9 year old wasn’t too thrilled with the “dynamic island” feature on my new iPhone 15: I haven’t asked her why yet 🙂

Dynamic Island on newer iPhones

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