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and I got to learn how to connect the water supply to the fridge’s water dispenser/ice maker. We bought the fridge from Costco. Our old one eventually gave up last week (between Thursday and Sunday). I recall I talked about it here (this “GE Refrigerator Ice Maker not working” section). And on Sunday when I was walking at the J indoor track, my wife called and said the fridge is broken. I came back home shortly and started shopping for a new fridge. The reason I decided to go with a new one because I know the old one has its age, and my wife really disliked it (she wanted a new one). Got to make the boss happy.

I did some research last time around when I was working on the ice maker. This is the one I came up with: it’s a Samsung. I initially ordered this one, but a few hours later I realized this one maybe too big for our door: the depth of 33.5 in is about the front door width. Later on I learned it’s possible to remove the door and put it back. But at that time (Sunday afternoon) I don’t want to take this risk, and we went with a smaller version of this: it has a depth of 24 inch which is much easier to get in. Other dimensions are okay from what I can see.

On Thursday the delivery people came, and the lead person quickly told me I need to do two things before he can hook up the water line. 1. Install Shutoff valve; 2. Disconnect the copper tube


I called a plumbing company right away: I have their number because they are the Costco delivery partner for our dishwasher in recent years. But their plumber is scheduled out to Dec 15. So I started googling and look at YouTube. This is the YouTube video I saw initially: How to install an inline water shut off valve on the back of your refrigerator

I did watch some others: I save them in my YT playlist “diy” and you can see all the videos by scrolling down. The part and the tool I bought are:

Everbilt 1/4 in. OD Compression Brass Valve Fitting

Husky Junior Tube Cutter: 1/8 yo 5/8 inch (the link may not be precise, check the outside package when you go to store). I bought both at Home Depot Overland MO store.

This evening, after much YT watching, and so on. I decided to take the plunge. I cut the copper tube 1st, then put in the valve. I noticed the small needle didn’t fit into the copper tube, and it seems it’s okay to leave it out too. Before doing all this obviously I shutoff the water main. After the installation of valve, and with valve shut. I turned the water main back on. Next step is disconnect the copper tube from old fridge, move in the new fridge, and connect the water lines. The connections are the same as the old fridge.

After that testing time: took a bit time for water to fill. Once water was ready, I filled and dumped about 3.7 Liters of water. Finally I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor, that is the water coming from the new fridge. I turned on the ice maker too, tomorrow we may test out the new ice maker. I think this Samsung video explained this process well.

PS: I found out Costco website does have some special instructions for the refrigerator delivery after I did it myself. Pasted the instructions below. They send an email with video instruction titled “how to prepare for delivery” before delivery too.

Before delivery:

If your new refrigerator dispenses water and/or ice cubes, you will need to ensure additional space is available between the refrigerator and the wall for the water line. This reduces the risk of deterioration in existing lines
Empty and unplug your old appliance. Built-in appliances must be uninstalled prior to delivery
Verify there is a 3-prong grounded electrical outlet and water supply, with an accessible shut-off valve in close proximity to the install location; preferably within 3 ft.
Ensure the proper fit in the designated space and the delivery path. Here is a video guide for measurements.

Our delivery team will:

Reverse new merchandise doors on site, if needed
Connect new appliance to existing water line and check for leaks
Place racks, trays, and door handles in recommended positions
Plug unit in and set to a mid-range cold setting and level the refrigerator or freezer

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