Winter Camp and Some Holiday Tips

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OR shall we call it winter break camp?

I still think during the holiday season, it’s best to spend more time with the kids as they do grow up so quickly. Enjoy the moment when we can. I recall one of the best preschool teacher and administrator, also a Montessori educator in the area, Susie Dodge-Shelton, once said something like this, basically she said “hug your kids more” during holiday season. We knew Susie since year 2008 (?, I think), and knew her husband David who was the director of Hope Infant Toddler Community (HITC): HITC which is next to the Hope Academy in Creve Coeur (HACC, and Susie served as director for the CC campus for many years), there is a short cut between the two campus as I recall. Now they are behind the giant BJC west campus (there was more trees and greens in the front of HACC. They are both wonderful couple and educators. And I believe they are both happily retired.

With that being said, I am aware of winter break camps, and we have been to some of their equivalent summer camps in the past. Below is not a complete list, to be updated as new information arrives.


All American Gymnastics and Super Ninja

Basketball: Bobby McCorMack: noticed Dec 18 to Dec 20.

Forest lake tennis camp: Winter Junior Camp

NRG WinterCamps & Specialty Camps

The J

Maryville Holiday Drop and Shop: Dec 10 and Dec 17

Olivette (In The Center of It All 🙂

Below are some holiday tips

Don’t Let Stress Ruin the Holidays (copied/pasted from my employer’s benefit email)
Stress often goes hand in hand with the holiday season. There’s the pressure of buying the perfect gifts — and making sure you don’t go broke. Holiday party after holiday party can stretch you thin. And for many of us, missing loved ones who are not around can make celebrating difficult.
Many adults deal with stress, anxiety, and depression during this time of year. Here are several strategies to reduce stress during the holiday season.

  1. Lean into healthy habits. Virtually any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever, so get regular exercise during the holidays.
  2. Know your limits for time and money. Consider saying no to some invites to avoid felling overwhelmed. Set a realistic budget to prevent stresses from overspending.
  3. Limit social media. Social media may increase potential negative effects on your mental health. Try to use time around the holidays to step away from your phone and enjoy in-person time with loved ones.
  4. Stay present and be proactive. If you feel tension or worry building, address it before it becomes all-consuming. Giving yourself a chance to catch your breath and refocus may help you feel better. #holiday #stress #health
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