EBITA is bullshit earning

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The famous investor Charlie Munger used to say unfiltered* and he commented: every time you hear EBITA (Investopedia definition, note sometimes it’s also called EBITDA, where the D stands for depreciation), which stands for Earning before Interest, Taxation and Amortization (and depreciation), you replaced it with Bullshit earnings.

More cheats, liars and lies

I have received unsolicited calls from Timeshare, Hilton Grand Vacations to be specific. I politely declined. But those phone calls are relentless sometimes, and eventually I hand up or blocked the calls. Looking back I felt good that I did the right thing.

By the same token, I think we can do the following replacement. All creative suggestions are welcome.


投资 – 投机

理财 – 赌博骗局

信托 – 赌博骗局

发财 – 破产

毕业 – 有时候是失业的意思

买房 – 有时候是买套的意思

(Update 01-15-2024) Refer to 鼎益丰 news here and below.




我感觉油管的标题有时候跟某城的标题党有得一拼😂 我觉得标题可以改成:上海美女模特移民加拿大前在上海的一些挫折。她在视屏中提到的骗子: 当天财富(P2P理财)的施建祥(新浪证券时报; wikipedia on Shanghai Kuailu Group; Mr. Shi Jianxiang)现在美国。


我的理财理念是天上不会掉馅饼: if something is too good to be true – it’s a lie。

I do like her attitude of “solider on“: which by the way, is also another Charlie Munger life motto.

*Unfiltered: I think Warren Buffett is more diplomatic than Charlie Munger on criticizing. Warren said this many times: criticize by the category; praise by the name. I believe nobody likes to be criticized. Criticize others is much easier than blame/criticize self: e.g., I just saw this gem “The current situation with my classmates are that I am undoubtedly the only one that has morals…” from a google review (James Lai). And Bill Ackman is not too far behind here too.

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