Major’s Contractor List

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If you just want to look at the contractor list, it’s here.

Basic Knowledge

Living in the USA usually also means driving and owning a home. And we need some knowledge about the cars and the house. Even if we live in condo or apartments – in those cases we typically don’t need to mow the lawns and in the case of apartment, the leasing or the management company usually is responsible for things such as refrigerator, HVAC (AC and furnace), cooking stove, built-in microwave, windows and doors. And sometimes carpets too: if it’s worn out. We need to know basics such as the AC is usually for summer, heat is for winter; windows usually has a screen, lock the dead bolt for the main door over the night – in the good old days, I left the keys in the door overnight a few times, with family, kids and so on, I am more careful on those type of things.

Once, the furnace at my condo had issues, as you can read from this blog post (search “minor scare”). After that I learned a bit more about how the heat is generated in our home in winter. Note there are two main energy sources for the furnace: electricity – which is the one at my old condo, and the gas – which is more common in the Single Family Homes in the area.

Single Family Home (SFH)

If one owns a home, it will need more knowledge and work. For example, the home owners are usually responsible for the trees in the front and back yard. The tree requires quite a bit of work, in addition to picking up the broken limbs, branches, the leaves and sometimes the sweet gums (or other nuts) if the tree produces lots of nuts such as acorn.

Sometimes broken tree branches hang on the tree. I think it’s best to remove them, because it could potentially fall, and hit someone or something. It actually happened to me once: the broken branch hit my roof, and caused a small damage. I knew the branch was there, and I was hoping it didn’t fall. Hoping is never a strategy, btw. Recently when this sort thing happened again, I contacted the tree company and asked them to take out the dead tree branch, in addition to trimming the branches. Trimming is a common task too, especially when the branch is approaching a electric wire, or the roof.

Sometimes, when the temperature is extremely low, such as this week, I found the garage door cannot automatically close. It seems the door needs some lubrication. I think I probably need to do some research on YouTube and do it. The door worked fine when the temperature bounced.

The Major’s Contractor List

The Google sheet view only is here. If you like to contribute or participate as an editor, please email me: minjie DOT xu AT gmail DOT com, and we can go from there. I did think about post it on GitHub, so that we can have some version history etc. But I haven’t decided it yet.

I have a view only link to google sheet that’s maintained by a realtor in St. Louis.

Last but not least, note the Ramit’s video below: Ramit recently launched a Netflix personal finance series How to Get Rich, personally I like him and his show.

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