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I happened to see this on twitter/X, and I would say the Middle Westeners have both (kind and nice 🙂

I am in HK right now with my family, and my 14 year old commented STL is not as famous for tourism compared to Hong Kong. True. We are on the way from the US to mainland China to see our families (here is my post on the air ticket shortly after we bought it).

Also I commented if she doesn’t do the online PE, I would not have the opportunity to hangout with her, such as walking on the Hong Kong street.

This also somewhat reminds me when I went to Wuhan for college in year 1989, my dad took me to Shanghai, before I onboard the boat from SH to Wuhan.

Last but not least, I am writing an X/Twitter thread for my summer 2024 trip here.

PS: I posted the above content (similar content) on FB and they flagged and deleted my post right away. I think from now on I will limiting my posting there. All major social media platforms have a lot of power. One thing I noticed is YouTube deletes any comments with a link to another website.

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