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Happy Labor Day

I took some pictures of “wish healthcare workers well” in my neighborhood. Tomorrow may 1st is international Labor Day. I understand the US does not observe. I wish the healthcare and all front-line workers well. We live in an unprecedented time indeed. This afternoon I got a call from a friend who worries about potential layoffs. I understand: I have been there, both the worrying part / seeing coworkers being paid off, and the actual layoff part. Again this time the US has lost 30 millions of job since pandemic, out of 150 millions of total jobs. 50% of the people know someone either from family or friend that lost job. My wife and my jobs are safe so far, but we know in this environment nothing is given or forever. We can only control the things that we can control: we sold the condo on March 19. We try to do our jobs as much as practical at the same time, watching our little ones. And I have some plans for my post corporate programmer career as well, if it comes to that. Wish all is well and together we will overcome this pandemic. China with 1.4 billion people has this mostly under control, so can the USA with 1/4 of population, 350 million.

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