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(Update 2: 06-22-2022) Besides new apartments below (again The Oliver which is almost done as of June 2022, and The Opus Group Multifamily Redevelopment Project at Irvington and Reyem Courts which I assume will take some time / years or months), there are also two townhouses complex. Hilltop West-attached home redevelopment project and Olivette Townhouse Redevelopment (this is the 35 new townhomes below).

(Update 12-30-2021) I heard about this one, but the new 35 townhomes at Dielman and Olive road is official. Here is the developer website. I took a short video here. As of 04-16-2023 I saw earth moving equipment has flatten the surface, when I was drove by Olive road passing the Dielman.

(Original) We can see a lots of new developments, both residential and commercials, at Olivette along the Olive road in last year or so.

Some of the bigger development projects I am aware of: the Oliver (apartments and some retails), Olive Crossing at Olive and 170(apartments, hotels, retail and dining), and the Opus group olivette project. Btw, one of the new neighbors in my neighborhood moved from the last project site (single family home sold to developer and bought new home in my neighborhood). We briefly discussed the trend of apartments over single family houses (SFH) in the younger generation. I am thinking it’s also a desire form the city and the developer as well. Maybe the apartments are more environment friendly compared to SFH.

Back to the topic, there are also two smaller projects along Olive road, the Firestone project (near Price). and the Planthaven commercial center (this is next to the Olivette Shopping Center).

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