A run group for LMS 7th grader kids (or 6th, 8th grade kids, or kids, siblings in similar age range)

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Any questions please let me know || Mobile: 314 540 2721 || Email: minjie.xu@gmail.com

(Update 11-18-2022) We ended the daylight saving time for the year. The sunset is usually at about 5 pm, thus 4:30 pm starting time will give about 30 minutes time. More importantly, the weather is becoming a bit cold as the winter sets in. I think we will pause the run / walk for now. I will thinking about and we can discuss what’s the best suitable activities in the winter months.

(Update 09-30-2022) Last Friday the shower ruined it. Let’s resume today, it seems the weather will be nice. Of course with #stlwx, weather forecast is really hard, as it could change in 5 minutes 🙂

(Update 09-19-2022) We had 3 kids + myself for second run last Friday 9/16. I ran a bit but the girls mostly walked. I understand this past Friday we have hot balloon race at FP and other activities for some LMS 7th graders. || We plan to run again this Friday 9/23 at 4:30 pm, same location. Looks like we will have two 3rd graders joining us 🙂

(Update 09-12-2022) First run was a success! We have 9 kids: eight 7th graders and one 2nd grader (sibling), and a few parents (grand parent?). The boys are more determined 🙂 || We plan to run again this Friday at 4:30 pm, same location. Looks like we will have two 3rd graders joining us.

(Update 09-08-2022) We plan to run at Malcolm Terrace park (11370 St Paul St, Creve Coeur, MO 63141) on Friday 09/09/2022 at 4:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join. Bring a water bottle, or a towel for wiping sweat, and note the restroom at the park is open.

(Original) I moved the “running” discussion from the FB Ladue parents community group here. I said 7th grade because my daughter is a 7th grader. The runner2runner program cutoff is 6th grade. At 8th grader I noticed LMS has a program for cross country. Our intention is NOT to compete against other programs.

Note this group is open to everyone in the community in this age range; so please feel free to forward to anyone may be interested too.

Goal – our main goal for our kids is to get some exercise and also have some fun. The main goal is not to prep for a competition or for a race. This is organized by parents and we don’t have formal accompanying materials such as “Girls on the run” etc. If our kids can breeze more fresh air and get close to nature more, that’s a big win for all of us.

Venue – I am thinking Malcolm Terrace park (a trip from the parking lot near the playground then back is about 1 mile, 80% of the trail is not paved); Venable Park (0.5 mile per circle, paved trail). Another park I can think of this the Tilles park trail (paved). Stacy park can be a choice when the renovation is done. I think we (coach Huang and parents) can jointly decide the location. My thinking is we take baby steps to get started. The reason I am thinking parks or tracks is I want to avoid running on the roads with car traffic.

Time – we need to agree on a time slot (or 2 time slots) each week, and hopefully with two time slots it will make it easier to get the busy middle schoolers / parents to participate. I understand pretty much everyone is busy: due to other extra-curricular activities. At this time it seems Friday afternoon is a decent compromise for some kids. As of 1:40 pm 09/06 Tuesday it seems we have at least 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls for Friday afternoon run. We will likely have some grownups joining us too.

Items needed – running shoes, if possible (also depends on where we run, trail running shoes, we can talk more later), water bottle, running shirt / shorts / pants suitable for running. Most important of all though, is an open heart and mind to participate.

Jiansheng Huang: proud Laude dad. His older daughter (LHWHS alumni) graduated from medical school at Wash U this year and is starting her first year of fellowship. His younger daughter is currently a senior at Ladue High. Coach Huang ran a few Marathons including Go St. Louis, Chicago Marathon, NewYork Marathon, and he qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon in recent years. Mr. Huang will teach all things around running including prep and cool down, safety etc, and he will likely lead the pack during our run too. Note: coach Huang will show up once we get more serious about running. He probably won’t show up if we just walk.

Minjie Xu: yet another proud Ladue dad (Serenity 7th Spartan, Sophia 3rd at Spoede). Minjie started running (or jogging about 5 years ago, with the main goal to keep weight in control (and be healthy and fit). So far Minjie ran 3 half marathons in St. Louis area (1st run was a week before pandemic shutdown in March 2020). Minjie will likely run and walk at the end of the pack to keep things in check.

It will be great to have mom(s) participating, especially if the most participants we have are girls… 🙂

Thanks and please let me know what you think.

Minjie Xu

mobile: 314 540 2721

email: minjie.xu@gmail.com

PS: note other kids in age range in the nearby schools in the community, my only ask is whether you can help look for outdoor facilities for the kids to run safely (outdoor track etc). We will likely start on the parks at the beginning though, at least this is my thinking.

Other running groups or resources for the kids

runner2runner: for kids from 1st grade to 6th grade (peachjar flyer here).

GirlsOnTheRun: in addition to run, there are some talks (or accompanying materials) They have two levels: 3rd to 5th, and 6th to 8th.

Let Me Run: boys equivalent of Girls on the Run above.

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