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Not my PR, but hey I finished the race without hurting myself (I haven’t done much running last few years)

(Update 10-28-2023) Senior moment of yesterday: I was trying to find my Sienna minivan key, via the Tile app. I left it in the minivan after I filling the air for the tires. The reason I left key there was earlier I needed the accessories ON to power the portal air pump. So I was using the find feature in the iPhone Tile App, and only got the “moderate” signal, after probably 7, or 8 minutes, I realized I left the key in the car. For some reason I didn’t hear the beep, probably the door to garage has good sound insulation.

(Update 10-20-2023) Something I realized recently. A solar guy came by and asked if I was interested in installing the solar panel on the roof top. And on the 2nd conversation (which is a bit more serious) he mentioned the investment will pay off the future electric/utility bill for next 20 or 30 years, which may be $30,000 or 40,000 over the span of that time duration, due to inflation, rate increase, etc. || Yesterday and today I was thinking: will I live for another 20 or 30 years? Note this is not the main factor I am thinking about the solar panel: the main factor I see right now is we have a tree in the front yard, which blocks quite a bit sunshine in the morning; and in the afternoon, our neighbor’s tree will do the similar 🙂 I actually read up and did some research, the total cost (without any tax credit consideration etc.) is about $18,000 in Missouri. I am still not sure about the overall the worthiness of the solar panel as well as Net Metering with the electricity utility co.

Aging is one reason I restarted selling on eBay this year. I am on a couple “buy nothing, sell nothing” “give away stuff” group (FB, WeChat) as well. The main goal is make sure the house is not overly cluttered (garage included). And be conscious of buying new things – see if I can sell or give away a thing when buy a new thing. And so on.

Also noticed 17 years ago I wrote on similar topic: Senior Moment || At least the last problem is a muted issue now: I rarely bring wallet with me nowadays, bring my phone with driver license and 2 CC instead. We live in the post iPhone world, everyone 🙂

(Original written in April 2023, updated in early Oct 2023)


Big 5 (people usually said big 5 for 50). I recall years ago my AutoDesk colleague was nervous about it. Now I am qualified for senior Olympics at the J, and I suddenly realized that I am a senior in the Shanghai subway 🚇 a few months ago.

Facing death: need to think about all the time. Recall seeing an exhibit on this topic at the Fields Museum Chicago over the summer.

Exercise and Food

Workout or exercise to be fit, hopefully less a burden for my wife and kids when I get older.

七成饱 don’t gullet, and don’t eat late ⏰ e.g., after 8 pm. This is further confirmed after I talked to my kid’s violin teacher (he is 65) and he emphasized his veggie diet as we as excises.

Limit alcohol and caffeine intake too.

Sleep 💤 issue

Listen to the radio 📻 via iPod 📱 nano when I could not fall asleep. Put iPhone and computer outside bedroom. Try to get up when I am awake, go to the J instead of watching iPhone while lying on bed 🛌

More Senior Moment

Above mostly was written in April during / after my China trip, my today 10-03-2023 “senior moment” – I parked my white Camry outside the Korean grocery store near home, I did shopping and came out to look for my silver Sienna minivan, and obviously it’s not there. Sienna is my car and Camry is my wife’s. I took Camry because it’s close by and short trip. It took me a while to resize my minivan was not stolen and I came with Camry 😂

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