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This was actually the second dental office I visited in the US, it’s at Bridgeton near the #STL airport. The 1st one was near the apartment I was living at the time (River Des Peres and Chippewa Street, year 2004 or early year 2005). But the hygienist was quite judgmental to my dental hygiene or overall dental health. See, I came from China and we didn’t have proper dental care when I grew up. Also, I probably had too much candy (and sugar) when I grew up, and didn’t brush teeth properly. I did go to hospital (or dental office) at Chuan’shan (Ningbo, my hometown) a few times, to pull out the baby teeth or to fix some issues.

I am changing my dentist and the dental office I went to probably since year 2005. I have seen a few dentists in that office, but since this year, it seems they cannot get hygienist (this seems related to the labor shortage post pandemic, as explained here, and here. Btw, both articles are interesting to me.), also the dentist I was seeing in last few years is retiring. And last but not least, it seems the ownership (and the office name) changed as well. I still tried to call them twice in last few weeks, but they never returned my phone. And I think it’s time for a change.

I did my 1st root canal in the dental office I visited for long time here in the US. I did twice (the second time was at the recommendation of my dentist). I also saw a periodontist in last 2 years (again at recommendation of my dentist): I talked about this last year. It was basically a deep scaling.

Today I found a new dentist and dental office. It’s more close to where I live. And I saw them when I visited the St. Louis Kolache next door. And my 1st experience was good too. It just happened the hygienist and I both know a couple (my former colleagues).

Last but not least, I just found out the last name of the dentist is Truong, which seems like Zhang 张 / 張 [Zhang / Truong] in Chinese.

Also, today I found out some tips regarding what to eat after the floride treatment.

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