Don’t solely relying on the income from day job

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Reasons for that: economy and layoffs – we have zero control on neither; at certain point, companies and organizations started to discriminate against older workers in terms of hiring and firing (layoffs), due to their potentially higher salary, higher healthcare expense, and so on.

Tech Job Cuts: tweet and video by Dee Bosa of CNBC
Chances of layoffs at the Magnificent 7

Surprising, at least for now, AI is the not main reason for the tech layoffs, per the YT video below.

Note we have no controls over the layoffs, especially in terms of the company’s decision. In theory we have some influence such as do our job well, but this is not guaranteed to help one avoid layoffs.

Some of the things I can think of or I am doing

Blogging (make some ads money from Google, very hard). The downside of this one is it takes lots of traffic to generate a bit ads revenue. Similar for the YouTube video creation. For me this is even harder than the eBay.

Selling on eBay (is eBay increasing becoming a flea market, btw?). One side benefit of selling on eBay is declutter, as well as reduce, reuse and recycle theme. Reducing the carbon footprint is rewarding for me.

Part-time gig (e.g., adjunct teaching at Webster U). Note this is not scalable as it’s mainly selling time for money.

Stocks: note this one is risky. But it potentially could have more rewards (again, this depends on many factors, such as the capital one has).

A related topic is to reduce the expense via DIY

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