Microsoft Actvision Blizzard acquisition

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This is probably my only successful merge arbitrage speculation so far. By “success” I meant I am out after the recent US FTC failed attempt to stop the merge. Note the UK authority could still pose challenges or stop this thing completely. Although the market does expect the deal to close eventually.

I didn’t speculate on those frequently. I do recall I did a few such as the CNOOC / Chevon bidding war on a company, as well as the InBev buying Budweiser. For this one Activision I started buying after the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting. And I did trade the stock here and there during the process. The main thing I am happy about is not how much money I made (about $1,000 I think, I didn’t bet heavily on it, btw), but I was able to hold my position towards the end (I mean almost the end, close to the $95 closing price).

I hope to get into similar games in the future.

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