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iPhone is two years old

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Not exactly, but close enough (here is a post I wrote on June 29, 2007 when iPhone started). Today the new iPhone 3G S is on sale at AT&T store, as I understood. This time iPhone did not generate as much buzz, but I heard my favorite tech writer Walt Mossberg was also standing in line (he already has a free iPhone from Apple for review, maybe he is buying another one for his wife/girl friend). Here is his tweets:

“Just gave up on iPhone line. Have to get to work. Should have ordered online. But scored a free bottle of water.”

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From Live to Bing

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Microsoft Bing, the new search engine which represents the high hope of Microsoft executives, goes alive today (incidentally today marks another big event in US corp history: General Motor files for bankruptcy). Underneath the Bing, it is really the re-brand of Microsoft Live search, plus some new features, as shown last week at D7. (Actually I verified this by typing, and it brought me to the Bing page).

I did couple searches such as “Air France”, “Pizza Hut”, the result was OK, although similar to Google search. I don’t know who will want to switch to “mostly fine” google search to the unproven Bing. To make things worse, Microsoft did not release a toolbar with bing, they still have the good old live toolbar though.

Don’t overlook this IE toolbar thing, personally I used it quite a bit, because it saved me one more type “”. But interestingly for today, the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer is not responsive as usual. Maybe the guys at Redmond did something to slowdown Google on this Bing’s birthday? The toolbar on Firefox works fine as usual.

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Steve Jobs, Apple, Bill Gates, Microsoft

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Couple days ago the Apple stock got a hit not just becaues of the soft earning guidance, the more important reason is the company declined to answer the health question of its co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in the earning call.

You tube videos
Great Artists Steal – Triumph of the Nerds – Revised (very short)
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Weekend thoughts w/e 042608

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The future of food
I watched the movie (documentary) The Future of Food in the weekend, via the NetFlix “instance play” feature. This 2004 documentary is about the genetic engineered seeds, and its effect on farmers and our daily food. I remember a few years ago there was a lot talk about genetic modified food, and its resistence in Europe. The critism seems subsided recently due to the global food shortage. Agriculture chemical companies such as Monsanto (NYSE: MON), which is the top GM (genetic modified) seed maker in the world (also main subject in the film), are red hot on the Wall Street these days. The interesting thing for me, is how GM seed is changing the global agriculture industry, including many small family farms in developing countries, and at the same time, affecting our food safety and sustainability of farming.

Here is a 9 minutes introduction of the film on YouTube.

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Mindray recruiting new grads in Canada Germany

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Here is the link (see the left scrolling screen, in Chinese):

Many years ago, when I was a graduate student, I attended those information sessions in school (and ate many free pizzas). At that time all the companies are US companies, such as Emerson, GE, and Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) etc. Now a Chinese company are coming to Canada and Germany. One can argue that Mindray (NYSE:MR) can not pay as high salary as Microsoft, but Mindray would give stock options (see below) for significant contributors. Very much like MSFT did in 1990s.

Forget the big drop of Chinese stocks lately (including Mindray); think how much Chinese companies have done in past 10 years…

Stock options: my friend in Shanghai sent me this Chinese article about the stock options incentive for Mindray employee. Mindray CFO Joyce Hsu also said in Q3 conference call that Mindray may have the highest rate (among Chinese companies), in terms of awarding options to its employees.

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Stock Lesson VII

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Next Microsoft. Next Bill Gates. Next Google. Next…

We all want to get the hold of “next big thing” before it becomes real, don’t we? Think about this, the stock of Cisco, the networking and communication company, increased 73 times from 1990 to 2000 in 10 years. The Microsoft stock’s performance was similar. 

From time to time, when a young company came up with some cool product or service, and performed well in the market and financially, people will praise it as “next Microsoft”, and think its founder will be next Bill Gates. The reality is, except Google, no company has come close to Microsoft in past 10 years. But sometimes we innocent investors (like me) fell into this trap.

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