WuXi Pharma WX continues to drop

WuXi Pharma Tech (NYSE:WX) continued to slide, during my absence. One (main) concern is heavy insider selling (source: seekingalpha) lately, after the secondary offering was suspended on May 4. I double checked the F1 filings for secondary offering (principal and selling shareholders), and found its CEO Dr. Ge Li was going to sell 8 million […]

WuXi Pharma Tech Q2 results

Here are the results from Yahoo Finance, some highlights: Second Quarter 2007 Highlights: — Total net revenues increased 99.3% over the second quarter of 2006 to US$30.2 million. (1H revenue $64 m, slight decline over Q1 2007?) — Net income increased 482.1% over the second quarter of 2006 to US$7.1 million. — Diluted earnings per […]

WuXi Pharma Tech looking good

WuXi Pharma Tech (NYSE: WX) is a pharmaceutical R&D service company based in Shanghai, and they do work for the pharma giants like Pfizer, Merck, etc. They are the No. 1 player in China and growing fast. To give some background, here is a discussion thread from trader168.com; and a valuation analysis article from Yahoo […]