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Reading Time: 3 minutes Or rewards credit cards. Today I received an email from PenFed Credit Union and they are asking me to lobby the congress on rewards Credit Cards. I no longer have their credit cards, I used to have their reward cards, and earned quite a bit gift cards from them. Basically I redeemed the points for

October 3, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agent brown is the name my girls gave to the AirTag I used to attached to the car key (it has a brown holder) and later my older daughter attached it to her brown wallet. We lost agent brown. Saturday, to be more precise, 8/19 evening, at about 6:42 pm I got a text message

August 19, 2023

Reading Time: 1 minute Courtyard in Xujiahui (formerly Tibet hotel, as you can see the rooftop design, tripAdvisor, marriott website). Good location and friendly people. I recall the first time I visited (2011), I used my Marriott rewards and silver status, the front desk especially got the leader over and greet. I suspect at that time, perhaps there were

May 10, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes I felt it’s easier to make money from those offers from writing iPhone, iPad and iOS apps. At least this is true for me so far. Another plus side people may not pay attention is the “no tax” benefit of the bonus miles/points. Also keep in mind if one needs to apply for home loan

July 9, 2011

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 02-10-2011) The previous link expired. Try this new link if interested. One difference is they requires one spend $4000 in first 6 months to get the full 75,000 miles. Good luck! (Update 09-17-2010) I got the 75,000 AA miles. (Update 8-19-2010) Received the Citi Platinum Select /AAdvantage Visa Signature card today, called and verified

August 16, 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes First I want to thank everyone who used my referral enrolling in Ohio College Advantage 529 plan, esp. those of you who kept quiet after using my referral code. My daughter (although she can not understand what is college these days, being 3 months and 3 weeks old) and my wife also want to express

July 3, 2010

Reading Time: < 1 minute link here. This is the new card I got this year. I got the $40 first statement credit, and am very pleased to get the extra points for my Amazon purchase (quite a bit after our new baby born). With your Amazon.com Rewards Credit Card, you will earn points for every dollar you spend on

June 26, 2010

Reading Time: < 1 minute Via YouTube. It seems the card companies are not happy. Today I saw a big drop of stocks of American Express (NYSE: AXP), Capital One (NYSE: COF). Are the golden days of credit card industry over? We shall see.

May 20, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update 23Apr09) It seems Obama administration is going to make credit card more consumer friendly (marketWatch). So are they going to socialize the credit card: I mean, you and me (i.e., honest guys) pay the credit cards on time each month, will bail out the deadbeats, after we bailed out the Wall Street ??? We

April 10, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute I got my first credit card, a Master card from Citi Bank, back in 1997 when I was a graduate student (and assistant) in Rolla. At that time I had part time job in school. I used the card to pay grocery, books (things I need to buy anyway), and I paid off the balance each

March 29, 2007
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