Rosetta Stone, learning foreign language

Reading Time: 2 minutes First saw Rosetta Stone at the mall couple years ago (the kiosk). More recently saw its Ads on the TV. Today comes a monumental day for the company (bloomberg news, IPOHome, Yahoo Finance), the IPO (as old Warren says IPO stands for its probably overpriced). Fun and emotion aside, I think this language thing may… Continue reading Rosetta Stone, learning foreign language

Focus Media came of age

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some random thoughts on Chinese IPOs: Home Inns, New Oriental, Focus Media (Sina). Home Inns I stayed at Home Inns Zhongshan Park this time. This is a relatively new Home Inns hotel (it was operated as Shanghai Ningxia Hotel before joining the Home Inns family recently). One block away, I saw another Home Inns hotel:… Continue reading Focus Media came of age

New Oriental EDU buy back

Reading Time: < 1 minute A short while ago I decided not to short EDU. Today the EDU stock buy back program confirmed my reasoning. Here is their buy back plan (CNNMoney): New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (NYSE:EDU) Thursday said its board had approved the buyback of 1 million American Depositary shares. The program is effective between Feb.… Continue reading New Oriental EDU buy back

New Oriental class break

Reading Time: < 1 minute Found the following video clip at Tudou, the China’s very own YouTube. The content pushed the envelop a little so don’t play it before your boss, coworker or kids. I haven’t verified whether this is indeed from a class break of New Oriental. This (in a very small way) reflects the entertainment of China generation… Continue reading New Oriental class break

Do you want to be a CEO ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I got to see Michael on CCTV Channel 2 yesterday. He was participating a show as a guest. The show is about the “entrepreneurs born after 1980s” (Michael was born in 1960s). I noticed he said something interesting about New Oriental “listed in NYSE”: if I could regret, I wish we haven’t done that. On… Continue reading Do you want to be a CEO ?

EDU: missed 5 cents

Reading Time: < 1 minute in its fiscal Q4 2007 earning. The analysts were expecting 1 cent, while EDU reports loss of 4 cents. Ouch, that’s even worse than last week’s Google’s miss (3 cents). Seriously, I don’t think missing a few pennies is not big deal for long term investors. But the reason behind the miss is more important.… Continue reading EDU: missed 5 cents

FFHL Case Study: risks of investing in China

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Update June 25) Fuwei has a news release regarding this today. (Update June 19) The stock (FFHL) got a big lift (18%) today. Major’s rule No. 2: stock moves when Major mentions it at stlplace, e.g., EDU (mentioned in June 9) and FFHL. Some speculative Chinese stocks got big move too, e.g. EFUT is up 30% today. Seriously I am not saying Fuwei is… Continue reading FFHL Case Study: risks of investing in China